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X-Rite announced that Nvidia Iray supports the Appearance Exchange Format

The AxF integration in Iray will be showcased at Siggraph 2017, in Los Angeles.

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone announced that Nvidia Iray natively supports the Appearance Exchange Format (AxF).


X-Rite brings color measurement accuracy to smartphones and online shopping

Color-Eye uses a smartphone and a color calibration card to help consumers shop for new items that match or complement the color of items they have at home. It delivers a high level of color consistency.

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone, announced the launch of Color-Eye, solution that brings accurate color measurement to smartphones and ecommerce applications.


A Fixed Colour Palette Guide for brands and retailers by FFP Packaging Solutions

The company uses Asahi Plates with Pinning Technology for clean transfer to achieve Fixed Colour Palette excellence.

Asahi Photoproducts reported that FFP Packaging Solutions, a UK-based innovator in flexible package converting for 50 years, has published a Fixed Colour Palette Guide for brands and retailers.


X-Rite and Pantone are the winners of the iF Design Award 2017 for their TAC7 scanner

The scanner is part of a comprehensive solution that brings a new level of accuracy and realism to the capture, communication and digital presentation of physical materials in the virtual world.

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone are the winners of this year’s world-renowned iF Design  Award for their Total Appearance Capture (TAC) scanner.


X-Rite has acquired ColorCert software assets

Since 2013, X-Rite has been the exclusive distributor of the ColorCert Suite, a real-time color and print quality process control and reporting tool used by consumer packaged goods companies and packaging converters to simplify color communication.

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone have announced that the company has acquired the ColorCert software assets from Nelissen Consulting, a privately held company in Germany.


X-Rite Pantone: Felix Schmollgruber discusses trends in management of color

Designers who are specifying plastics surfaces are excited about the things they can do these days, including translucent, pearlescent, metallic and sparkling effects as well as textures. This presents challenges when it comes to the ability to accurately measure and monitor both color and appearance.

X-Rite Pantone Color Expert Felix Schmollgruber discusses current trends in the measurement, management and communication of color and appearance data in the plastics industry and suggests what to watch for in the future.


Expansion for PantoneLive with new color libraries and software for packaging

New color libraries and visualization tool will help designers, brands, converters and ink manufacturers better match colors across a variety of materials used for flexible and paper packaging, folding cartons, and labels.

X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone has announced the expansion of its PantoneLive cloud-based solution for digitally communicating color with the addition of six new color libraries for gravure printing.


X-Rite and Pantone will demonstrate its solutions for labels and packaging at All4Pack

Located in Stand 6R132 at the show, the X-Rite Pantone booth features the theme "Color as You Imagined It" and showcases end-to-end color measurement, management and process control solutions.

 X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone will demonstrate its latest color-related solutions for the labels and packaging industry at All4Pack, the global marketplace for packaging, scheduled for 14 to 17 November in Paris, France….


X-Rite announces the latest version of ColorCert Suite 2.0

It provides real-time process and quality control for packaging. This latest version helps simplify color communication, monitoring and reporting across brand owners, design agencies, converters and ink manufacturers.

X-Rite specialist in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone, has announced the latest version of ColorCert Suite 2.7.


hubergroup launches new dayglow inks for the offset market

These speciality products are based on a totally new formulation and are exceedingly impressive thanks to their reliable colour fidelity and intensive radiance.

hubergroup has recently upgraded the colour gamut of its range of dayglow inks. These speciality inks are based on a totally new formulation and are exceedingly impressive thanks to their reliable colour fidelity…

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